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Fire Insurance

The Fire Insurance Policy is a Contract which guarantees to indemnity the insured against loss or damage to the insured property caused by accidental Fire, Lightning and other perils.

• R & SD                               

• Air craft damage

• Flood & Cyclone                     

• Explosion

• Earthquake (Fire & Shock)       

• Impact damage

• Malicious damage                   

• Electrical Clause "B" DECA'

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Insurance

The policies primarily aim at providing protective in respect of loss, damage or destruction to the subject matter of insurance i.e Hull, Cargo and freight caused by perils of the seas or maritime perils like fire, theft, jettison, collision, contract, heavy weather, stranding/foundering sinking war perils and other perils.

Marine Hull

This refers to the ship, that is to say, hull and machinery of the vessel. The ship is always at the risk of the perils of the seas and therefore, the ship owner can insure it again probable loss as such.

Motor Insurance

Different type of policies may be issued of Motor vehicles. Private Cars, Commercial vehicles, Motor trading vehicle. Policy issued is usually of the following types irrespective of the class of vehicle:

•Comprehensive Insurance

•Act Liability Insurance

Miscellaneous Accident Insurance

■Burglary and House Breaking

■Money Insurance

■Cash in safe and Cash in transit

■Cash on counter insurance

■Machinery Breakdown (MBD)

■Deterioration of stock (DOS)

■Boiler and Pressure Vessel

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